We offer repairs on various makes and models of Motorcyles, ATVs, UTVs

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Repairs completed by certified technicians

Motorcycles and Trikes

The most common motorcycle repairs include replacing tires, replacing brake pads, diagnosing starting/charging issues, replacing or tensioning belts or chains, repairing fuel system problems, diagnosing and fixing electrical issues, and many more repairs. Many motorcycles have carburetors, while others are fuel-injected. The hoses that run to and from these units can dry out, crack, or otherwise fail, so they will need to be inspected and replaced. Electrical issues can lead to common motorcycle repairs as well. These can be difficult to diagnose on some motorcycles, and such repairs are generally best left to the professionals at B&M Cycles who have the right tools and knowledge.

ATV repair performed by a certified technician

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

Most people who ride ATVs on the regular aren’t exactly babying their machines. You don’t buy a four wheeler to gingerly navigate a manicured trail. Raging through the mud and carving out new paths are half the fun. But all that excitement means regular maintenance and the occasional repair for your machine. Turing to the trusted certified technicians at B&M Cycles instead of trying to navigate these repairs on your own can ultimately save you time and money. Some common ATV problems include when the ignition fails to turn over and the ATV doesn’t start. This can be caused by a few issues including the spark plugs, carburetor issues, or even a dead battery. Clutches need replacing every so often as well. Then there are the common ATV problems such as valve and suspension work and tire repairs or replacement. ATV tires generally last a long time due to the nature of an off-road tire and the softer surfaces we generally drive our ATVs on. However, screws, nails, barbed wire, or other sharp objects can poke through. The professionals at B&M Cycles are here to get you back outdoors quickly and efficiently.

UTV repair completed by a certified technician

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs)

UTVs or side-by-sides are often being put to the test whether being used for outdoor fun or for work on the ranch. There are various repair needs that can arise from normal use of your vehicle but there are some more common repairs we see. It’s inevitable that you will eventually need to repair/replace your CVT clutches. The problem is that dirt eventually gets inside the clutch housing no matter how meticulous you are. The dirt ultimately causes irreparable damage and the CVT clutch needs replacing. There are also high-wear components such as ball joints and axles that need replacing some faster than others depending on how you ride. UTV tires occassionally run into an issue and need to be repaired as well. The certified technicians at B&M Cycles will work efficiently to get the repair identified and resolved in order to get you back outdoors enjoying your UTV as quickly as possible. 


As a courtesy to our customers, we offer pickup and delivery of your vehicle.

Working on the ranch or farm and can’t get that UTV in for service? No problem, we can come get it and bring it back.

Stuck in the office or attending a family function and cannot get away to bring in that ATV? No problem, we can come and get it and bring it back!

Been meaning to get that 5000-mile motorcycle maintenance done but haven’t had the time? No problem, we can come and get it and bring it back.

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Within 30 miles of shop – $75 each way for pickup and delivery

31-60 miles of shop – $100 each way for pickup and delivery

61-90 miles of shop – $150 each way for pickup and delivery